Procurement Success: $500 Million Water Treatment Facility

Begala – McGrath has a proven track record of representing major corporations and helping them win government contracts — not ‘earmarks’ or ‘pork barrel spending’ within a piece of legislation, but rather helping private sector clients successfully navigate the daunting process of governmental procurement.

One such example occurred a few years back, when Chris Begala was retained by a major multi-national firm — at the time, the largest privately-held engineering firm in the world.

The client was in competition for a $500 million dollar public works water treatment facility with the City of Houston. Begala formed a team, conceived a strategy and — despite long odds and heavy opposition from one of the world’s most powerful companies, to say nothing of powerful city officials at the time— Begala’s client was awarded the contract by the regional Board.

From there, the contract went before the City Council for approval. Following another round of intense negotiations, media attention, political wrangling and additional attempts to block the award, Begala’s client was finally awarded the significant contract by the City Council.

Regardless of whether it is a well-conceived and implemented strategy, rewriting a proposal, media attention (as they say, ‘sunlight is often nature’s best disinfectant’) or public presentations and/or private meetings, the process of procuring a public contract is daunting. Let Begala – McGrath put their experience and expertise to work for you in the competitive arena of public procurement.

$500 million dollar public works water treatment facility in the City of Houston