What We Do

There’s a right way, as well as a wrong way, to approach the media. Begala-McGrath has the right blend of relationships and experience that put today’s 24-hour news cycle to work for you — not against you.

Media Relations

Whether you seek greater media coverage, want to manage media access, or require media assistance in any way, let Begala-McGrath manage your media needs with skill and professionalism so that your message is delivered and your issue handled exactly the way you intend.

Public Relations

The explosion of media outlets make the marketing environment more competitive and diffuse than ever. Let Begala-McGrath help you cut through the clutter and get your message out.

Corporate Communications

Launching a new product? Unhappy stakeholders? Begala-McGrath can help position your company strategically to resolve conflicts and boost shareholder value.

Speech/Op-Ed Writing

In a content-driven world, Begala-McGrath knows how to frame your arguments, present your point of view, place your story, and grow your audience.

Political Consulting

Begala-McGrath has extensive experience in every facet of politics — at every level.

Issue Advocacy

Think of Begala-McGrath as your lawyers in the court of public opinion. If you need to fight or promote a ballot initiative, take on elected officials or public boards, or simply raise awareness, we know how to conceive and implement winning public issue campaigns that get results.

Government Relations

Public policy can be an arcane and intimidating process, but Begala-McGrath has successfully procured contracts for our clients in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Whether your target is local, state, federal or international governments, Begala-McGrath can guide you through the process and get results.

Audio-Visual Production

Begala-McGrath has created and produced a broad range of media products from feature-length documentaries, to corporate and non-profit videos, to public service announcements, to network quality commercials and political ads. We have the proven, market-tested experience it takes to conceive and realize your project from start to finish.

Crisis Communications

When situations explode beyond your control, and everyone starts pointing fingers, don’t you want the unique experience Begala-McGrath can offer in your bunker?

Litigation Support

Begala McGrath has represented clients in many high-profile legal issues including out-of-court settlement cases, Family Law cases, District Court and Federal Court. We can assist with message within the court and in the court of public opinion with the media.

BM Has Extensive Experience in State Politics and Legislation
Begala assisted Ken Lay and his legal team with litigation communications support
McGrath confers with Sec Jim Baker at Hurricane Ike Event
Presidents Bush and Clinton Address Media After Hurricane Ike
McGrath Moderates James Carville and Mary Matalin Event at Bush Library
Begala Walks Galveston Beach with Presidents Bush & Clinton after Ike Presser
Begala with President Bush and Secretary Baker after Local Media Interview
McGrath (right) Managed Red Carpet and Media before the Premier of HBO's "41"
Historic Reunion Between Presidents Gorbachev and Bush in Nov 2012
BM Specializes in Helping Clients Manage Interactions with the Media
BM Can Help Clients Navigate the Federal Legislative Process
Chris, Artist Peter Max & Gold Medalist Carly Patterson Unveiling Official Poster of 2006 Torino Winter Olympics
Need Media for Public Issue? Political Campaign? Get BM in Your Corner
BM Scripted and Managed Production of Bush-Clinton Ike Fund PSA
Need Speechwriting? McGrath Addresses World Affairs Council in 2010
McGrath Co-Authored Secretary Bob Mosbacher's Memoirs "Going to Windward"